Is It Time for a Membership Dues Increase?

NOVEMBER 01, 2021 / Tips & Insights

By Tony Rossell, Senior Vice President

The past year and a half has presented associations with significant economic challenges. Many have realized lower revenue from meetings and less dues revenue.  

One association executive summed up the situation this way.  “It’s a lost year (and maybe two). . . The impact on our financial health may extend well beyond the pandemic as it takes years of careful financial stewardship to build reserves and we’re spending it now.”

To help offset the reduced revenue, associations are exploring increasing dues. Based o...


How to Price Your Conference, Professional Development, and Membership

APRIL 22, 2021 / Tips & Insights

By Tony Rossell, Senior Vice President

With the proliferation of virtual meetings and new membership models, getting the price right is a hot topic. Proper pricing has a significant influence on an offering's viability and profitability, and should be part of the conversation from the start of the development process. Here are some of the ingredients that go into establishing a successful approach to pricing.

Pricing Strategy

For almost any product or service, there is a wide ra...


The Seven Biggest Mistakes in Membership Recruitment

FEBRUARY 17, 2021 / Tips & Insights

By Tony Rossell, Senior Vice President

“Why isn’t my membership growing?” We hear this question often in our consulting with associations.  When we investigate the concern, a consistent theme emerges. In most instances, the root of the problem comes down to issues with the membership recruitment program.

That is why in the book, Membership Recruitment: How to Grow Recurring Revenue, Reach New Markets, and Advance Your Mission, Tony Rossell explores the impediments holding back associations’ me...


How to Improve Your Innovation Skillset

FEBRUARY 04, 2021 / Tips & Insights

By Tony Rossell, Senior Vice President

Some of the most used words by association professionals this past year have been “pivot,” “adapt,” and “shift gears.” We have had to make changes in real-time. In short, we have had to innovate.

The need to innovate has led me to study some of the best practices in building an innovative mindset and culture. I have found two books as helpful guides. First is How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley, which I wrote about here. The second is a classic, The Innovators DNA, by Dyer, Gregersen, and Christensen....


Email Tips: Black Friday 2020

NOVEMBER 12, 2020 / Tips & Insights

By Jana Sabol Darling, Senior Account Director

This year has been unlike any other. In 2020, we have faced a global pandemic, historic job losses, economic instability, political turmoil, and much more…and we are only in November. With everything going on, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if a Black Friday email campaign slipped through the cracks. But, the good news is that there’s still time!

Last year in the October MGI Tipster, we shared a few very basic tips for launching s...